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Funko Pop Digital - What is it?

The new range of Pop Limited becomes NFT Digitale, what is it?

Twice a month, Funko will drop (launch) a new NFT collection to delight the tens of thousands of collectors of this range. Don't get too excited, there's very little chance you'll be able to buy a pack before it's sold out.

The Pop NFTs are digital but give the right to exchange this NFT for a Physical Pop that you will receive at home .

Get Started

Create your account on Droppp.io

Once your account has been created, Droppp will offer you the payment of $5 to personalize your wallet and participate in the next Drop.

Know that the day of a drop, your wallet will be created for free you will have nothing to pay, it will be created randomly.

However if you want a personalized wallet name you will have to pay these 5$.

The launch of a collection

- D-Day - 7:55 p.m.: Get in line on the Funko Digital website

- The fateful hour of 8 p.m. rings, the waiting list is updated and gives you your passing time, if you are lucky, you can buy packs (limited to 60 euros).

Standard Pack: $9.99 for 5 NFTs

Premium Pack: $29.99 for 15 NFTs

There is no benefit to taking one Pack or the other in terms of stats.

Pack Opening

Once your pack has been purchased, you can open it on your wallet, the content is statistically as follows (little change depending on the collection)

Common: 50% Chance

Uncommon: 28% Chance

Uncommon: 13% Chance

Epic: 6.5% Chance

Legendary: 2% Chance

Grail: 0.5% Chance

Understanding Your Draw

Now we are going to see how to have Physical digital Pops.

Pop NFTs are available by drawing Legendary and Grail cards, automatically. If you pull them in your pack you will have them at a lower cost, it's great.

However there is another way to have a more complicated Pop, which is the Pop Royalty.

The Pop Royalty is the pop that will be given to you for free if you manage to complete the complete Nft Set (excluding Legendary and Grail).

That is to say to have all Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic cards.

Buy the Card Directly

Finally, for the unluckiest, I sometimes recommend buying the Pop Legendary or Grail directly, it is sometimes more advantageous in terms of price.

That's why I offer for sale my NFT FUNKO of 2 forms:

- Digital: The card will be sent to your wallet after the order has been placed.

- Physical: You will receive the Pop NFT directly to your home as it is in Stock

If you buy me a Pop Digital NFT

To start you will need to create an account on the official Funko wallet (electronic wallet) which can be found on the following site:


Once the wallet has been created you will have to go to this page:


You will be able on this link, to create a personalized address for your wallet, it will be paying ($ 5) but it is essential to be able to receive your NFT.

Once your personalized address I will send your order easily.

Once the NFT has been received

Once the NFT has been received in your collection on your Droppp.io wallet account, you will have to wait for the "redemption" date (day of end of exchange, purchase and sale).

Once this date has arrived, your NFT will entitle you to receive a Token.

This token received, you can go to the following page:


On this page you will see the name of your collection at the top of the page with a small 1 on the pink diamond.

You can therefore click on it and enter your delivery details to receive the Funko Pop Physique.

And There you go !